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Tri Harder is the ambition of 2 triathletes to create the triathlon shop that WE always wanted to buy our gear from. In pursuit of taking part in many different single and multi-sport events, we have spent many hours and lots of money on finding the right clothing, nutrition and equipment we needed. It seemed that we were always suggesting ways things could be done better, or where opportunities for business laid. After doing this for so long we decided the only way to get everything right was to do it ourselves! Tri Harder was born.

We aim to give the service to our customers that we always craved when purchasing in the past. We will strive to give honest, knowledgeable advice and provide high quality products that we believe in, and have more than likely used ourselves. If we fail to do this in your opinion, let us know! We can then continue to improve and be the place that people like ourselves want to shop at. Come and see us, call us or join us for a ride!

Swim better, Ride quicker, Run faster – Tri Harder

Ben Walker

If you see me in a race the first thing you will notice is that I probably have the skinniest legs you’ve ever seen! I have been in to sport and exercise my whole life but until 2006 my main focus was football. A friendly challange to race a triathlon was put before me and my tri ‘career’ was underway. As I was training for my first Olympic distance tri, a friend of mine was embarking on his first Ironman and I quickly knew this was where I was heading! I had hoped that 2008 would be my year but unfortunately broke my leg badly playing football and spent the next year with a metal pin in my right leg and this meant my hopes of Ironman were gone.

I had to wait until 2009 to get my medal and tattoo after racing Ironman UK in Bolton. As soon as I had finished I knew I would be doing it again! I love training and racing for triathlon and can talk for ever on the subject! Like many, new kit is one of the great delights of tri so being part of Tri Harder is a dream job!

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